Gay Bodybuilder Tomas Masek Loves Attention

Gay Bodybuilder Tomas Masek Loves Attention

Big Gay Muscle Hunk Tomas Masek Has Amazing Muscular Gay Body

I had been at the library doing some legal research on the computer. After a while I began to get horny. I printed out some sex porno from the internet and went to my car for my dildo and a rubber. I went to the bathroom, grabbed a stall and closed the door. I shoved the large, condom covered, dildo into my ass with a slight moan. I worked over my big gay dick real quick and shot my load.

I sat there a minute when all of a sudden the hot muscle gay hunk in the neighboring stall slipped me a piece of paper. On the paper it said he was horny and asked if we could have gay anal sex. I wrote back that I would. We both walked into the large handicapped stall at the end. I quickly took off my pants and bent over on the toilet seat, ready for my first hardcore gay sex, and pulled out my dildo. The man who I was about to give my hairy gay ass to, pulled down his zipper and out popped an enormous gay penis. It was over 11 inches long and too fat to hold with one hand.

He took a bandana from his pocket and used it as a gag on me. He lined his dick up with my ass and began to penetrate. It took at least a minute to slowly, and painfully, shoves his monster into me. Then he began to violently thrust in and out faster and faster. After what seemed like forever, he blew his load deep into my ass. He slowly retracted from my ass and thanked me. I got onto my knees and began to lick the cum off of him. His dick was too big to get into my mouth so licking was the best I could do. He asked if I liked to suck dick and I told him that I never had. He took his phone and called somebody. A few minutes later, there was a knock on the stall door.

My new sex partner let his friend come into the stall with us and locked the door. The first man told him I was a cocksucker and left. The man pulled out his 14 inch dick and told me to suck it. I put my lips over his head and began to rock back and forth on his shaft. After a few minutes he told me to stop and tilt my head back. He plunged his dick down my throat until it was all inside me. He began thrusting his hips in and out. He shot his load and withdrew. He thanked me and left.

So I managed to lose my anal virginity and suck my first dick in one day and in off all places, the library.


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