Muscle Men Julien

Muscle Men Julien

Hot Muscle Hunk Julien Flexing His Gay Muscles

I’m a bit of a computer flirt.  I like to play with anyone, and I do mean anyone, I can.  About a week or so ago I had the strangest experience.  I had been stroking my big gay dick for a “friend” online.  The guy was begging me to come over, and let him take care of me.  I just don’t do that, but I kept playing for him, leading him on, and letting him think I was going to service myself up from him.

As my load spewed forth from my throbbing gay penis I got an IM from one of my favorite girls.  She wanted to meet for a drink.  I cleaned up and headed out to meet her.  We met up at our normal little bar, chatted, flirted, drink, and the next thing I know I am kissing her in her car as she is getting me back home.  I pass out at the light, my hand on firm breast, and wake up on my knees bent over some sort of bench.

“Where am I?”

“Oh so you’re awake now?”

I try the move and realize my hands are cuffed under the bench and I have some sort of collar and leash on.

“So are you ready to get what you deserve for being such a cock tease?” the mysterious voice rang out.

“Where the fuck am I? Who the fuck are you!!” I cried.

A blinding light turned on, I was in the middle of a stark white room, and the door opened.  Masked men began to file into the room, one after another, until I couldn’t see them come in anymore.

“So you dirty little tease, ready to pay up?” The voice said as a man stepped forward.

“For what?”

“For teasing all of us” the voice yelled.

The man pulled out his thick hard gay dick and screamed at me to suck him. Forcing the gay hard cock into my face.  I felt a whip across my hairy gay ass and as I yelped he pushed into my mouth.  The muscle men began to circle around me.  Each chanting names. “whore”, “slut”, “faggot”, “cock tease”

As the man fucked my throat I felt another cock push against my hot gay ass.  Forcing in, the fire and pressure of the pain got me aroused, I began to enjoy my predicament.  As man after man took turns fucking my ass and mouth.

I was but a toy for what seemed to be an eternity.  Cumming my own loads on the bench on which I knelt.  The men began to line up for one last shot at my hungry mouth.  The angry voice behind me said.  “Finally I get to fuck you! you tease!” and the thickest hardest dick of the night snaked into my stretched out ass.


One by one hot loads of cum gushed into my mouth. From long cocks and small cocks, white cocks and black gay cocks.  Each calling me a dirty whore as their hot creamy liquid escaped from my lips or down my throat.  As the last muscle gay hunk walked out, I began to feel the pounding my ass was taking.  Moaning, and loving the hot hard cock in my ass, he finally pulled out, walked around to my face and blasted my mouth with the thickest load of cum I have ever seen.  Cum gushed onto my tongue, up my nose, and into my face, I passed back out as my sexy gay hunk body finally succumbed to the fucking I had received.

When I awoke, I was laying in my bed, erect, and horny.  The girl naked and laying next to me, I went to the bathroom for a piss.  As I looked in the mirror and saw dried fluid on my face, I noticed the note taped to it.

“You got what you deserved, and you loved it, you dirty fucking slut!”



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