Muscle Nude Stud Shawn Marek

Muscle Nude Stud Shawn Marek

Muscle Hunk Shawn Marek Has Amazing Gay Muscles

I’m 22, 5ft 10″, 160 lbs and black gay hair. Last year I had to do 6 months in prison. Before I left, my boyfriend had told me to find the biggest muscle men and make him my friend so I would be protected.

Upon entering jail I heard all the whoops and hollers and it definitely scared me. At dinner in the cafeteria I was stared at like some fresh meat. On my second day, while eating, a very huge hot hunk sat next to me and put down his tray. He said “Hi I’m Shawn”. He must have been about 6ft 4 or so, real hot gay hunk and very handsome men looking.

Looking at him I was turned off but I remembered Hals words and thought this might be my chance to make a friend and be protected.

Shawn had a soft soothing voice and obviously was trying to woo me. He even gave me his dessert. I started to like Shawn despite not being attracted to him. While we talked he put his hand on my back and minute by minute it slid lower and lowers until it was almost at my hot muscle gay ass. He rubbed slightly and it was definitely making me hot. I tried not to show it but Shawn saw it in my face.

Then I felt one of his fingers slip into my pants. His fingers were huge and cool and I wriggle a little. I whispered “Shawn everybody is watching”. He said “I’m the king of this jungle”. Then I felt his thick finger tracing circles around my pucker, it felt good and I moaned. His finger finally began to slide in my ass, I liked it but not in such a public place.

Shawn commented “HHMMMMM Nice and tight” Then Shawn said “Hey baby how’s about we get some privacy”. I nodded yes and we proceeded to his cell. He was gentle and caressed my ass the total time we walked, He was making me hot as hell and I started not to care about his ugliness. I just needed gay penis.

Shawn sat on his cot, spread his legs and displayed his bulge. He said “You like what you see?” I said yes. Then Shawn said he wanted me on my knees to get a closer look, I dropped to my knees and put my face up to the big man’s crotch. I was so excited.

I involuntarily began kissing his bulge as he moaned. Suddenly he stood and dropped his pants. I was in complete shock as his 10 inch big gay dick sprang into sight. I stammered “Oh my god”.

Then Shawn got real mean and grabbed my head and forced it to his monster. As my lips touched his huge circumcised cockhead they were instantly coated with his pre-cum, It tasted sweet and I licked my lips. Then I felt Shawn’s Hands forcing my lips onto his huge black cock. My jaw ached as I stretched my lips over his cockhead. It slowly slid in until it touched my throat and I gagged, But Shawn kept pushing and eventually my nose touched his kinky black pubes.

I was so proud of myself taking such a huge cock in my throat.

Then Shawn pulled out and made me beg for it, He slapped my face with his heavy black meat as I pleaded with him to let me suck it, I promised to swallow and do anything he wanted ………


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