Nude Hunk Max Levi Has Amazing Body

Nude Hunk Max Levi Has Amazing Body

Hot Muscle Gay Body of Nude Muscle Hunk Max Levi

The gardener would come every Saturday. Sometimes he would bring his sons along‚ One was like me, 18, the other 2 were 15 and 17.‚ I had talked to‚ them a couple of times. We were friends, but they usually had to help out his dad. On Saturdays my parents were always at the country club and left me at home. I felt a little horny and I knew that I was alone. I saw the gardener was here from the window, but I didn’t see his son’s so‚ I thought he didn’t bring them. I closed my door and started to rub my semi gay hard 7 incher. I got completely naked and lay down on my bed. I was running my fingers through my black gay hair and down my gay muscle six pack and back to my big gay dick. In my mind popped up one of ‚ the gardener’s son, I‚ sometimes‚ jerked off to the 18 year old.‚ I started to say his name out loud, “Rodrigo, Rodrigo”. Then I heard “Max, Max”, I open my eyes shocked and there they were laughing. while my eyes were closed‚ they had come in and taken off their clothes.‚ When‚ I opened my eyes three gay penis were right in my face. Rodrigo stood there with his muscle men six pack and big muscular men biceps, his 8 1/2 inchers starting to grow and his tan smooth muscular gay body. I stood up but the 17 year oldpushed me back down. he said “O so ur a faggot, uwanna fuck my brother?” they started laughing and Rodrigo got on top of me and put his hot gay tongue in my mouth. I massaged his tongue and with my hands squeezed his tight ass. With his hands he started to rub my cock between our two sexy gay hunk bodies. I slipped my finger into his hole and finger fucked him. He let out a small scream. He ran his tongue down my body, and then reached my cock. He started to suck me off, I moaned and played with his hair. Then I pulled his head down, making his deep throat my cock. I let go and he sat on my chest and forced his cock in. He thrusted in and out, moving my head with his cock. Then he laid me down‚ on my back and had my head lying off the end. The other two were playing with my cock. With my head, upside down, He stood up and put his cock into my mouth. His sac would hit my face every thrust. He turned me around, and spread my hairy gay legs. He pushed into me I screamed loud. I wrapped my legs around his body and he fucked me hard. Every thrust felt so good. His 17 year old brother too this advantage to stick his cock in my mouth. The other brother forced me to rub his cock. The two brothers backed off for a second and Rodrigo got me up against the wall. He fucked me and my bed started to shake. I was moaning load, but he had the stamina of a horse and just kept going fast. The 17 year old thought I was making too much noise so he got a sock from my drawer and stuck it in my mouth and put some tape around it. I felt like I was about to cum and Rodrigo could tell because my muscles started to tighten. He pulled me down and his and his brother’s jizzed on top of me, my bed and I were covered. The 15 year old took the sock out and sucked my cock until I came in his mouth. Their dad wondered where they went and was calling for them. The 15 year old pinched my nipple and the 17 year old pinched my ass and went to their father. Rodrigo kissed me on the lips and said I say your name too. See you next time he winked. He closed the door and I started to wipe up. I couldn’t wait for next week.


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