Nude Hunk Simon Having Fun

Nude Hunk Simon Having Fun

Sexy Gay Hunk Simon Jacking off his Big Gay Dick

Sexy Gay Men in Gay Sex Tube

One day Simon was raking the lawn. He looked up, noticing a handsome men face crowned by long brown hair pull away from the window. “Hmm,” he said, smiling to himself. Simon was tall, muscular men built, aproximately six feet tall, 170 lbs. He had just celebrated his 19th birthday.

Returning to the rake, he peeked out of the corner of his eye, awaiting the hot hunks return. Soon, his wish was granted. A hot muscle hunk 18 year old, with shoulder length black gay hair, peeled the curtains aside like a stagehand. Simon dropped the rake, walking across his yard. He had one thing on his mind, and it had nothing to do with yard work.

Knocking at the green door with sharp taps, he leaned on the steps. The door opened suddenly, causing a wind. The muscle men hair blew in a wave across his face. “Yeah, can I help you?” he asked sullenly. “I noticed you were looking at me.” “Dude, I don’t understand what you are talking about.” “Can I come in?” Simon asked. “Sure”.

The hot gay muscle men stepped aside, closing the door after him. Jason noticed a tipped over bong on the table. Vile water had flowed from it, like a Mexican faucet. The stench was appalling. The hunk men extended his hand. “David is my name.” “Pleased to meet you” He really wanted to meet him, actually. They sat there talking for awhile, and David stood up. “Want a beer, man?” he asked. Simon noticed the band of a pair of blue panties peeking over David’s jeans.

David returned, and Simon was all over him. Kissing him softly, David did not turn away. Unbuckling David’s pants, he pulled them down. A light blue pair of bikini panties greeted him, with a gay hard cock tenting them up. “”Nice,” he said. Pulling a condom out, he slipped it over his own massive erection.

Slipping the panties aside, he tongued David’s asshole softly. Gasping in pleasure, David quivered on the couch. David slid his huge head slowly into his hairy gay ass. “Mmmm,” he sighed contentedly. Slipping deep inside, he felt David’s hole stretching. “Ohhh,” David moaned softly.

Riding him hard gay and fast, he son reached the breaking point. Pulling out, he pulled the condom off, spraying pearly white come on his smooth ass cheeks. He sat back on the couch, trying to get his breath. David pulled up the panties, the semen turning them dark. “Thanks babe,” he said, kissing him. “We really need to get together more often,” Simon replied.



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