Nude Hunk Zach has an Amazing Body

Nude Hunk Zach has an Amazing Body

Sexy Gay Hunk Shows off his Muscular Gay Body

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I was 18 when my sister first found out I had gay tendencies. It was late Saturday night and my hot muscle gay buddy, who was also 18, was over for a camp out in my tent in the back yard. We were in my tent and getting bored when my buddy suggested we play hide and seek. I said okay. He then suggested making the game more challenging by only wearing our underwear for men. I again reluctantly said yes.

He said the winner gets to choose his prize. I again said yes as we proceeded out of the tent. We stripped to our men’s underwear and he said he would hide first. I closed my eyes and counted to 10 and then opened them. I ran around the back yard and did not find him. I ran to the front and still could not find him. So I called out his name and that I gave up. He came out from under the front porch. I could have died since I thought I checked there. I asked him what his prize was going to be and he told me to go up onto my front porch and stand up on the railing. I complied wondering what he had in mind. Then, I knew as I felt his hands at my waist. I felt his fingers slide into the waist of my briefs and then he slowly slid them down.

By now, I could feel my gay dick begin to grow. He didn’t help matters any by massaging my big gay dick. He then told me to get down and resume the game. So, again I closed my eyes and counted to 10. When I opened my eyes I began to search the front again. I was determined not to make the same mistake twice. I ran to the back of the yard feeling kind of excited as my gay penis flopped freely in the warm breeze. It was particularly exciting to run around outside without any clothes on. When I got to the back I searched again but could not find him.

I called his name but no response. So, I came back to the house and called again. This time he came from under the back porch. I despairingly asked what he wanted this time. He told me to go over to the clothes line and raise my hands over my head. Next, he wrapped the clothes line around my wrists. I felt really strange and excited hanging there naked with my cock becoming gay hard. Then, I thought I heard a noise from the house and looked over but saw nothing. Next, my buddy came up to me and looked me in my eyes while stroking my cock. He asked me if I remembered the fun we had at camp and I replied yes as my cock became harder. With that, he leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. His hot gay tongue parted my lips and his kiss increased in passion. When our kiss was completed he, he began to suck my nipples till they were hard gay while continuing to stroke my cock. Eventually his lips moved to my cock where he began to kiss and lick the tip. Finally, he opened his lips and let my cock slide into his mouth.

My heart was pounding with excitement as I felt him begin to suck my hard cock. I began to moan with pleasure and excitement until I heard a noise. I looked towards the house only to see my 20 year old sister coming down the stairs. She was stunned and shocked with amazement. I was shocked not only to see her but, she was dressed in her little sheer pink nighty. The sight of her little perky breasts and big nipples began to excite me more. My buddy stopped and asked her if she was happy now. She said “not yet” and told him to continue.

She was also beginning to get excited as she slid her hand into her little panties. After a while, she slid her panties off and came over to me. Then, she took her wet panties and rubbed them over my face and asked me if I really liked guys or did the scent of a girl excite me. I told her I had never been with a girl but, I had experienced a pleasurable experience with my buddy at camp. Hearing that, she told my buddy to stop sucking my cock and release me. After that, she told me to tie my buddy up with the clothes line like I was.

Then, she told me she wanted to see if I was for real and that I was to make love to my buddy. I reluctantly said okay. I moved towards my buddy, grabbed his head, moved it towards mine and kissed him. As our kiss grew, I slid my hand into his briefs and began to massage his cock. I could feel his cock begin to grow as our kisses grew with passion. Eventually, our lips parted and I moved my lips to his nipples where I sucked them till they were hard. I fell to my knees where I stared at the bulge in his briefs. My sister told me not to stop but to continue. I leaned forward and began to kiss and lick at his bulge. I reached around him and slid my fingers into the elastic and slowly pulled his briefs down.

When his cock popped out, I grabbed the tip with my lips and began to suck his cock as I slid his briefs off. I returned my hands to his cheeks where I massaged them slowly. I eventually took his whole cock into my mouth where it began to grow. The feeling of his cock growing in my mouth began to excite me. My sister noticed my growing erection and grabbed it with her hands. My excitement increased again since I had never felt girl’s hands on my cock. Slowly she began to stroke my cock. I could feel my buddies cock getting rock hard. I moved my lips to the tip where I used my tongue to lick his tip like a lollipop. I took his tip back into my mouth and resumed sucking.

My buddy began to moan with pleasure as I felt his cock begin to pulse. I could also feel the pulses starting in my cock. Then, I felt his hot tasty cum flow into my mouth as I also felt my cum flow out of my cock into my sisters hands. When I was done sucking my buddy my sister told me to kiss him again. As my lips met his, I felt his tongue part my lips and I let his cum flow into his mouth.

After I was done, my sister rubbed my cum over her wet pussy and told me to lick her clean. As I licked her pussy she began to moan and finally she shrieked with ecstasy as she came in my mouth. I continued to lick her pussy clean. She then asked me if I still like having hardcore gay sex and I replied yes.


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