Shirtless Hunk Simon

Shirtless Hunk Simon

Sexy Gay Hunk Simon Loves Working Out

It was lunch at school and it was a lovely day, most people were outside and I decided to go to the library, I meet up with hot muscle hunk Carl and he asked were the toilets were and I said just go straight here and then turn left. He said could you come and show me, so I knew he wanted to do me.

I decided to show him and went inside the cloakroom and went to the toilets. There were 2 sinks 2 toilets and a single urinal.

We decided to go to the far left one! He told me we get totally naked men since he prefers to see my nice nude muscular gay body when we ever have hardcore gay sex! He told me to suck his gay penis, which I did, and he told me to bend over and he shoved his big gay dick up my hole! It hurt more than it ever done before:

He told me to take out all the poo from my arse using my fingers, so I stuck up my fingers up my arse and stared to pull poo out after about 3 minutes I could not feel any more poo, I went deep into my arse so I told him that all the poo was out

He then shoved his penis up my hairy gay arse again and he was doing me really gay hard and fast! He stopped and told me to relax he wanted this to last for a long time, he then continued doing me up the rear after a few more minutes he stopped and I thought he was stopping to wait but then cum shot out into my arse!

We left the building a few minutes apart in case someone saw us but luckily no one saw us leaving!

About 3 weeks later I meet up with Carl again and he said that he wanted to know what toilets would be open since there were 2 lots of toilets in the building which I was based and they only ever keep one lot open at dinner!

I walked with him and went into the same one as before and I bent down and told him to do me even if it hurts me! He then shoved his cock up and he did me for over 5 minutes, then stopping and shooting his hot sperm up my hot gay ass.

After all of it was up he left the toilet, I did not realize that people were outside! So I quickly got all my clothes on and left they said what was I doing I said nothing and went off back outside and into the dinner hall for my dinner!




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